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It can't get any better than picking your own fruit from your backyard. Hawaii provides a Sunny location and well-drained soil making a situation for citrus trees.

Moro Blood Orange

The most colorful of the blood oranges are the 'Moro'. The rind is bright red with a deep red flesh. It has a strong flavor and an intense aroma than a regular orange.

Lane Late Navel Orange

The Lane Late Sweet Orange is a spring/summer ripening seedless Navel Orange. It's a Washington Navel hybrid developed in Australia. The fruit is delicious, juicy, and seedless.

Washington and Valencia Orange

The Washington Naval Orange is the most Popular Backyard Orange in the United States and Worldwide. Washington Navel Orange is a delicious seedless fruit and is easy to peel. The fruit is sweet and has just enough juice for outstanding fresh eating.

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